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Soccer Parents KICK, December 2003 -- Indoor Soccer Anyone??
December 12, 2003

This month's newsletter is short but sweet.

I'll pick up the normal sections on soccer rules and drills next month.

I've gotten more requests recently for my soccer goal plans and hope to get back to them over the holidays.

Table of Contents

1. Have a Super Soccer Christmas!
2. Help for Parents – Indoor Soccer??
3. Site Update

1. Have a Super Soccer Christmas!

Only thirteen days until the big red guy comes a calling. Do you have your shopping done? ….. Me either. (If you do I don’t want to hear about it.)

If you need Christmas ideas for your child check out my 10 year-old son’s Christmas wish list.

If you need gift ideas for a mom or coach I recommend you browse through the gifts at The Soccer Vault.

The best gift you can give your child this holiday season is…. YOU! Slow down, spend some time with them, and take joy in the priceless expressions and youthful exuberance of childhood…… you know, before they turn into teenagers and drive you nuts.

Have a safe and joyful holiday season!

2. Help for Parents – Indoor Soccer??

We don’t have indoor soccer where I live. Actually, we barely have support for outdoor soccer!

Nonetheless the 3 month break between the Fall and Spring seasons is the perfect time to play some indoor soccer with the kids.

Where do you play? Well, in your house of course. You probably think I’m crazy but hear me out.

First, you need a small soccer ball. I recommend you use a size 1 soccer ball, also called a “mini” soccer ball. Wal-Mart sometimes carries these or you can get one from The Sports Authority for about $8.

Next, you have to set some ground rules. The ball must stay on the ground and there should be no hard kicks. This game is for fun and to improve touch and ball handling skills.

No shoes. Bare feet or socks only.

Naturally you can make as many rules as needed. Those are the basics that might keep Mom happy.

I suppose there should be a disclaimer here about not being responsible for any accidents to person or property. It’s not a problem with the young ones but the older kids sometime get carried away. Yes, I’m talking about the dads too.

This works best as a simple 1v1 game. You will have to work out the game area to suit your house. I try to use doorways for the soccer goals. A long hallway works well.

I usually play against one of my boys. I get to play with them, teach them a little, and have fun at the same time. Also, if the game is kid versus kid there is more risk of things getting wild. I give myself a handicap or two. I can only dribble the ball to a certain point. My goal is around a corner or it is smaller. My son gets to shoot from anywhere and has more room to use while I only have a narrow hallway. You get the idea.

No hands when defending. The ball should never be in the air so only feet are needed.

Encourage the use of both feet. Make them alternate if needed. This is a great opportunity to work on strengthening the weaker foot.

If you have older kids that simply can’t kick soft enough for indoor play, consider working on turns and fakes. They can be learned indoors and then brought up to speed and worked into scrimmage games outside as the weather allows.

The other benefit of this work is the size of the ball. Learning ball skills with the small mini soccer ball will generate much more skill with a larger ball later on.

3. Site Update

Last but not least, I continue to build more web pages for the site.

The following pages have been added or modified significantly since last month:

  • Site Map

  • Soccer Clearance Sales

  • Soccer Fundraising Page 2

  • Soccer Jerseys

  • MLS Soccer Jerseys

  • Soccer Replica Jerseys

  • Until next year.


    P.S. The New Year is fast approaching and the 2004 soccer calendars have arrived! A great idea for soccer fans, both the men’s and women’s U.S. National Soccer Team have pictures of your favorite players in action. Check them out on the Soccer Gift Page.

    Pass It On - Feel free to KICK the newsletter downfield to any friends, parents, or coaches who could use the information.

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