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Soccer Parents KICK, July 2004 -- FREE Ebook and More!!
July 12, 2004

WOW! This newsletter is full of some great stuff.


Table of Contents

1. Editorís Corner Kick
2. The Laws of The Game Ė Law 1
3. Soccer Game: Soccer Tennis
4. FREE Soccer Rule Book
6. Monthly Deals

1. Editorís Corner Kick

Wow! What a crazy few weeks!

Between hosting a British soccer coach for a week, a broken down finish mower (still in the works), and a terrific summer storm that took out our power, things have been a little crazy around the old homestead.

Iím backed up on email so if youíre still waiting for a reply I apologize. Iíll try to get through the backlog this week.

More new stuff to roll out in this monthís newsletter.

Iíve been working for a little over a month on a few projects. The first one is a free ebook on basic soccer rules. The second one is a review of a new product called the ULTIMAGOAL. I actually delayed sending the newsletter out so I could put the finishing touches on the product review. Itís just a matter of time before you see these puppies showing up all over the place.

I also came across a new website that agreed to offer some freebies to my newsletter subscribers. Donít miss out on this one! ItĎs some incredible stuff.

Expect to have a brand new article from guest writer Jerry Macnamara, owner of in the August edition.

As the English say, ďCheers!Ē

2. The Laws of The Game Ė Law 1

Law 1 is titled ďThe Field of PlayĒ.

Iím only going to discuss one part of this law today - Field Dimensions.

From FIFA,

The field of play must be rectangular. The length of the touch line (Americans often call it the sideline) must be greater than the length of the goal line.

In other words the field must be longer than it is wide.

For normal, 11 v 11 games there is a range of acceptable dimensions:

Length:minimum 90 m (100 yds)
maximum 120 m (130 yds)
Width:minimum 45 m (50 yds)
maximum 90 m (100 yds)

For international matches such as the World Cup the field dimensions are more closely regulated:

International Matches
Length:minimum 100 m (110 yds)
maximum 110 m (120 yds)
Width:minimum 64 m (70 yds)
maximum 75 m (80 yds)

For youth soccer these dimensions are generally used above U-12. For younger kids the rule of thumb is to have the field 10 yds long for every person on one team.

In other words, a U-6 contest of 4 v 4 would have a field roughly 40 yds long. The width is usually determined by available space but not to be any wider than it is long.

Coach Karl discusses Law 1 in the free audio download sample you can find here.

For a more complete discussion of soccer rules (the FIFA version) visit the Soccer Rule Page.

If you really want to learn the rules yourself you should try the two-hour audio download of youth soccer expert Karl Dewazien explaining the Laws of The Game. Check out my review and you will see why I can recommend this without qualification!

3. Soccer Game: Soccer Tennis

Here is another good game for working on passing, volleys, and headers. Itís a challenging game that the kids will love.

Soccer Tennis

This game can be found on Page 60 of Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team.

Equipment: 1 ball, 8 cones
Area Size: 16 x 8 meters


Organize two teams of four each. Both sides use an area of 6 x 8 meters. Between them is a no-manís-land, 4 x 8 meters in dimension. The ball is served from the base line and must pass over the no-manís-land.

The ball can bounce one time before it must be returned. The players should have one successful pass in the air before the ball is returned to the other side, and the ball cannot be touched by hand. If the ball bounces outside of the playing areas or in the no-manís-land, the team making the last touch loses a point. Play until one team has 15 points.


This practice is excellent for improving volleys and headers. You can make the exercise more difficult by not allowing the ball to touch the gound. If you can get a net, place it in the no-manís-land. This exercise is also good for station practice.

Soccer game courtesy of
Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team
Online Soccer Drill and Coaching Ebook

4. FREE Soccer Rule Book

Exclusively from
Soccer for Parents!!

10 Simple Soccer Rules for Baffled Parents

I have organized the main rules of soccer that a parent or volunteer coach needs to know, explained them in a simple manner, and wrapped it into a free pdf formatted ebook for anyone to download and use. The book is only 142kb so itís a quick and easy download.

Best of all, itís FREE!.

Get it now before I run out of copies. Itís a limited edition you know.


The ULTIMAGOAL is a combination soccer rebounder and soccer goal. The device has four configurations, called modes - two make soccer goals and two make soccer rebounders.

It is a fabulous piece of equipment that I spent much time and effort on reviewing. I have a huge page full of pictures and a detailed review broken down into 12 main topics including,

  • How it Works
  • Construction and Quality
  • Portability
  • Testing and Using the Apparatus

and many more.

The best thing for parents is the exclusive offer I was able to arrange with the generous people at ULTIMAGOAL, Inc. You can find it at the bottom of the review.

Check out the review and decide for yourself.

NEW! Soccer Startipz

Startipz is a new website that, in partnership with Coerverģ Coaching, offers the Coerverģ Coaching video library instantly online as small, downloadable video tips.

In case you havenít heard of the famous Coerverģ Coaching approach, here is an introduction to it from the Startipz website.

Coerverģ Coaching is the first and best program totally dedicated to raising the individual skill level of players through a step-by-step process that teaches the moves of our World Cup heroes in a manner that enables all levels of soccer player to benefit.

Ok, now for the good part.

The people from Startipz have given me PIN numbers to give out as a promotion. Drop me a note and Iíll send you a soccer video PIN for a FREE video download from their website. You can then go to their tips library to redeem the free tip.

It gets better.

If you go to their main page you can get another free PIN number for a second video tip download.

Also on their main page is additional information on Coerverģ Coaching and two free video downloads that explain the philosophy and approach of this coaching method.

Thatís 4 video downloads for Ė uh, nothing! Yes, I am cheap. ( I mean frugal)

I canít believe Iím giving all this good stuff away in one newsletter.

6. Monthly Deals

I get monthly newsletters from several sporting goods stores promoting special deals. Rather than trying to keep the soccer clearance page updated every time I get a newsletter, I though it would be good to send you their monthly deals in this newsletter instead.

All of these coupons are supposed to work on checkout so you wonít necessarily see them while youíre shopping.

The Sports Authority

July Coupon: 15% Off Any Single Item!

MC Sports

Save $10 on orders of $75 or more!

G.I. Joeís

15% Off Single Item

Dickís Sporting Goods

$15 on orders of $100 or more!

Until next time.


Pass It On - Feel free to KICK the newsletter downfield to any friends, parents, or coaches who could use the information.

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