ICYAA Soccer Fields

HELP! I can’t find the ICYAA soccer fields.

The ICYAA(Independence County Youth Athletic Association) soccer fields are located just north of Batesville, Arkansas on what is called “old Main Street”. The official address which should work in a GPS is:

3451 East Main

Batesville, Arkansas

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Here are specific directions to go with the map above.

Traveling South on 167: After passing a sign for Spring Valley Dr. and the small convenience store, take a LEFT (less than ¼ mile past store) onto the road going to the softball fields. You can easily see the softball fields and parking lot from the highway. Drive past the softball complex and turn LEFT onto the road just past the horse arena. A small sign for the ICYAA soccer fields is at this turn. If you see the North Arkansas Farm Supply on 167 you missed the first left turn. Turn around and try again.

Traveling West on 25: After going by the local community college, UACCB, you will come to a 4-way stop. Turn RIGHT (or North) at the stop sign onto old Main St. Follow the road for about 1 mile and turn RIGHT onto the road just before the horse arena.

Traveling South/East on 69: You will go down a long hill coming into town. Turn LEFT onto White Dr. (may also be marked 233) at the bottom of the hill. At the intersection is a convenience store on the right and the fairgrounds on the left. Take White Dr. through the stop light at 167 and follow it to the 4-way stop at old Main. St. Turn LEFT at the 4-way stop. Follow the road for about 1 mile and turn RIGHT onto the road just before the horse arena.

Traveling North on 167: Take the highway through town (St. Louis Street). Pass the North Arkansas Feed Supply (on the right). About ½ mile past the feed supply, take a hard RIGHT at the softball fields. The road is directly across from a tractor implement company and before you get to a small, red brick church on the right. Next, turn left into the ICYAA soccer fields at the road just past the horse arena.

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