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What can I say?  Online soccer games are as cheap as it gets, and boy am I cheap!  Just ask my wife. 

Slime Soccer

Here is the free soccer game slime soccer.Slime soccer is HOT! Slime sports are a real fad right now for some reason. I must admit that it’s a lot of fun. Anyone in the family will have fun with this one. You can even play against each other.

Other FREE Online Soccer Games

Soccer Breakout - Exclusively from Soccer-for-Parents! This game was developed by my son, Dustin, and he continues to improve on it almost daily. Check it out and let him know how he's doing.

The free online soccer game Goal Wall Shooting 3D is hosted on our website.  It is another flash-type shooting game in 3D with scoring based on time and shots made.

Slam Soccer 2006 is a funny football game in 3D-comic-style, it's open source, and free! It has too many features to mention. Just go check out their website and download the game for yourself. has several flash soccer games, mostly penalty kick type games.  Some are good and some are not so good, but definitely worth checking out.

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer - As quoted from their website "To put it very shortly, EHIS is the most playable football game ever. In our humble opinion, it has the perfect balance between realism and playabilityarcade and simulation. As a result, it is relatively easy to get into, yet it takes a lifetime to fully master its controls. Even with more than 15 years of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer behind you, you will still occasionally come across tricks, moves and features you never quite saw before. Not many games can claim such longevity."

Hattrick - From their website, "Hattrick is an online football game where you trade players and coach your team in competition with hundreds of thousands of simultaneous opponents from all over the world." This is a free online soccer game that really looks addictive! You get to issue training orders, trade players, and compete in leagues.

Soccer Shootout - This is another of the great online soccer games where you alternate taking the penalty kick and playing the goalie in a "shootout" format.

Mickey's Soccer Fever – This is a Disney game where you play as Mickey against Pete.  I found it quite difficult.

Power Soccer - Claiming to be the world's best online 3D soccer game,  I have to say the preview graphics are quite impressive.  Looks like it has a free mode or you can pay for more advanced features, similar to many mobile apps these days.

Mardi Gras SHOOTOUT Online Soccer Game – This game is just what it sounds like – a shootout. You get to alternate between taking the penalty kick and being the goalkeeper. Another good one.

Online Soccer Games Downloads

The best source for quality downloads is the Download Centre .

Here are a few direct links to the most popular soccer game downloads:

Phone Soccer Apps

For those of you looking for a phone soccer app or a cheap solution when buying a soccer game, don't forget to always check  They have several free games for Android phones.  Here is a link for free Android soccer games at Amazon.  Soon I'll have a separate page for soccer apps for the iphone and Android devices.

Online Soccer Games

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