Soccer Terms Made Easy

Ever heard of these soccer terms – tackle, fullback, or goal line?

Sound like football, right?

Well, it is football, just not the pointy American version.  

Knowing the basic soccer terminology is very important for parents. A big part of helping your child succeed at soccer is in supporting them. And to support them you need to educate yourself on the basics of soccer.

Don’t forget that knowing these fundamentals soccer basics makes you a soccer expert compared to most parents!

There are many soccer-specific terms and many online resources. What I have done for you is to simplify and segregate the terms in a more parent friendly format.

Enjoy your brain food for the day! Email me if you have a question about a soccer term. 

Soccer Position Terms - Names and definitions of the more common soccer positions.

Soccer Terms for the Field - What is that box or circle called? You can find it here.

Soccer Terms for Action - Terms and definitions of common passes and moves made by soccer players.

Soccer Rules Terms - Soccer rule terminology and definitions.

Don’t forget to check out my soccer book and soccer video recommendations! Any of the recommended books will give you a wealth of information beyond what you can learn online.

Soccer Terms

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