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We've done it -  a free soccer app for parents!  YES!

One of the greatest problems in youth soccer is the number of completely baffled parents who have never played the game and don't understand the basic rules of soccer.

 In many cases like my own, parents didn't have the opportunity to play soccer in their youth and consequently have never learned this great sport.

Many soccer leagues, however, are desperate for volunteers willing to help out and knowledge is not a prerequisite. On the job training is a mainstay in youth soccer. Unfortunately, sometimes these new parents never get the training for various reasons and end up either incorrectly teaching their kids or a soccer team or yelling at the referees.

Sadly, even though the fundamental soccer rules are simple, finding an easy-to-understand, cheap resource for these parents is nigh impossible!

Enter Soccer for Parents.

My son Dustin is a programmer and with his assistance I am pleased to offer you the free Android App, Simple Soccer Rules.

This free soccer app is essentially a portable way to access both of my free soccer rule books, "10 Simple Soccer Rules For Baffled Parents" and "Simplified Rules (6) for U6".  A soccer field diagram is also provided along with links to the official FIFA rules and the USYSAA rules for small-sided games.

Just to ease your mind about the safety of the app, both the free and paid versions are available through the Google Play store.  Hosting by Google means that the app must meet certain requirements while also ensuring that there are no hidden viruses, bugs, or other critters.  Download with confidence!

App Screenshots

Free Soccer App Download (lite)

Simple Soccer Rules

(free version)

Ad Free Soccer App Download

For a small, one-time donation to help support Soccer-for-Parents, you can have the ad free version of the app.  It's your choice.

(paid version)

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You can do so at the bottom of this page but also on the Google play website.  

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Soccer-for-Parents is excited to now offer our Simple Soccer Rules to parents "on the go". This is our own free android app (sorry ipeople) that installs in seconds and contains everything on our normal rules page along with a link to the official FIFA rules and USYSAA rules. Here is the free app!

(ad free version here)