Soccer Video Clips

Soccer-for-Parents is thrilled to present our own soccer video clips now on the Soccer-for-Parents Youtube channel. 

For our first series of soccer clips the content was developed by Michael Louter, former professional player in the Netherlands and current director of coaching for U15-18 at FC Dallas Tri soccer club.  The videos are available on the soccer training video page  and also available as a convenient playlist of soccer video clips on  our Youtube channel.

These video clips are geared towards more experienced soccer players in the U12 and above range.  I say this because there aren't detailed walkthroughs of each move or technique in this series.  Instead, the series explains WHAT should be practiced at home and HOW to properly train with the right attitude and mindset.

We are actively working on additional soccer videos that will guide even the novice soccer player or parent/coach on the various soccer moves and how they can be learned and taught to young kids.  I'll be adding additional links and video playlists to this page as we go along.

Soccer-for-Parents Youtube Channel

Here is the Soccer-for-Parents Youtube Channel.

Other Soccer Video Resources

Other relevant soccer video pages on our website include:

  • Soccer Videos, Seeing is Believing!  - This pages is divided into three categories, skills improvement, for parents, and for coaches, and includes video reviews of various DVDs that can be purchased.
  • Soccer Video List - This page has more fun videos like "greatest goal" and "best of"

Soccer Video Clips

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Soccer-for-Parents is excited to now offer our Simple Soccer Rules to parents "on the go". This is our own free android app (sorry ipeople) that installs in seconds and contains everything on our normal rules page along with a link to the official FIFA rules and USYSAA rules. Here is the free app!

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