Soccer Fundraising
Makes the Ball Go Around

"Soccer fundraising time is upon us!"

Do you dread those words?

I do.

I cringe every time our local association starts one. I realize the necessity of it but  fundraising seems to always be the responsibility of the coach (me) and I end up overworked and stressed out.

Either the coaching suffers or the soccer fundraising effort suffers. I simply cannot do both well. SUPERMAN I am not!

The best solution is delegation. At the first Parent's Meeting ask for a parent to oversee the soccer fundraiser. You can also try persuading, coercing, or sweet talking your husband or wife to handle it for you. Good luck!

Below are two categories. The first one describes the soccer fundraising activities with which I have been associated in the local soccer association. The second category is a fundraising resource area with either fundraising programs I have seen work for other organizations or programs that I think are good ideas.

Experience with Soccer Fundraisers

Selling Meal Tickets

This is actually a pretty good soccer fundraiser and not too hard on parents and coaches. The problem is that this idea is sometimes too popular. If you're not careful you can end up selling meals for the same day as some other organization or the area can get burned out on it.

The Basics - Each child (parent) must sell a certain number of tickets. The tickets are for a lunch or supper. The person buying the ticket is responsible for picking it up. For big orders from a business you should offer to deliver. You can have volunteer cooks or you can have all or parts of it catered. Many times you can get food donations from local businesses or you can ask parents to donate desserts. It can be tricky to get parent volunteers scheduled to work for lunch and supper time.

If you want more details on running one of these, email me.

Have a Kick-A-Thon

You really don't need an explanation of this one, do you?

To make this soccer fundraising event more profitable, consider adding more fun events to the activities at the soccer fields and have parents donate food to sell at the soccer fields for that day.

Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Sell Discount Coupons or Cards

As a parent I hate to go around with my child and ask people to buy "stuff" that is outrageously overpriced. Don't you?

Discount cards and scratch cards are a great solution for a soccer fundraiser!

Sure you still have to sell, but now you are selling something that will actually save people money.

Where I live a local high school band sells discount cards every year. I actually search out one to buy every year. They are that good. I spend $10 for the card and save in excess of $60-$80 every year at local merchants. Many merchants offer either 10-20% off with the card, or a buy-one-get-one type deals. offers a free fundraising guide. This is a good place to start.

Other resources for discount cards and scratch card fundraisers are: 

Sell Soccer Gifts

Well, if you have to sell something to make money doesn't it make sense to use soccer gifts for soccer fundraising? Sure it does! and others offer some fundraising programs involving sales of  customized soccer ball magnets, t-shirts, spirit items, and more. It is explained on their website.  Put your soccer club name and logo on a car decal or magnet and sell away! has nice looking t-shirts and sweatshirts for soccer fundraising. Soccer t-shirts are hard to find.

A pretty good reference site for fundraising resources (besides mine, of course) is They offer a free kit and a bunch of fundraising ideas.

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