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I thought you would never ask. 

My journey started when I signed up for the free Affiliate Masters Course by Ken Evoy. This is a 10-day program that will systematically show you how to turn a hobby (your passion) into a website that makes money.

It was an eye opener for me! I was already looking for a way to make some extra cash using the internet and keeping up with auctions on Ebay and finding wholesalers/dropshippers really didn’t appeal to me. Sound familiar?

Over the next 5 days I received one email/day on the Affiliate Masters Course (each email contains 2 days, thus the 10-day course). I diligently printed a copy of each day and started working through various website ideas with my wife.

After discussing many different options we decided that I should be the one to develop the first “hobby” or “niche” website and so Soccer-for-Parents was born.

I initially began developing the website following the instructions in the Affiliate Masters Course. After about Day 3 I decided it was nuts to do all of the work manually when SiteBuildIt! could do it all for me.

What a great decision! Of course it was really easy to make. SiteBuildIt! comes with a money back guarantee so I could always back out of it later.

One of the keys to any website is traffic. You can have the best products or fanciest web design around but those things are worthless if no one can find you! There are now about 56 MILLION web sites. For someone to find your site it must be listed near the top of the search engines.

SiteBuildIt! EXCELS at helping you build a website that search engines LOVE!

I could go into the details of how it is done, but the Affiliate Masters Course does that for me. What you probably want is proof.

Here is proof from Sitesell. This is a great web page that shows proof from all kinds of various content sites and businesses.

Even better though, here is my own proof.

I started building my website in late June and the month of July. I got the first page listed at a search engine in early August. Here are my actual statistics on a monthly basis:

Month Visits Visitors Pages
June 12 11 15
July 186 87 554
August 5291 3781 15161
September 8425 6135 23941
October 6467 4274 16503
November 8720 5324 21071
December 13060 7580 29581
January 13235 7736 30550
November, 2006 66287 40539 118917

I'm finally listed with Google! It happened in mid-November and you can see the numbers have turned around. I was seeing a significant dropoff in traffic from MSN with the end of the Fall soccer season but the googlebot has made a big difference.

I actually averaged more visits per day in November than in September due to repeat traffic.

How much did this traffic cost me? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not one red cent. No advertising, pay-per-click, banner adds, or anything. This is all free traffic from the search engines.

Out of 200 million websites,
here is my current ranking
as certified by Alexa

Are you thinking, Maybe you’re just really good at this.


This won’t work for my hobby.

Try this – View other sites created with SBI!

Also available is Third Party Proof.

At first I was very skeptical myself. I ended up asking many questions of the SBI! Support team. They were extremely forthcoming and quick to respond. If you have any questions at all, especially about how to build a website with SBI! you should contact an SBI! Advisor.

For those who like to comparison shop, here is a detailed comparison of SBI! versus other available packages.

I have also put together a Solo Build It! Reference Center. This page will step you through many more details of SBI!, what it offers, and how it can help you build a website that succeeds.


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