World Soccer
is The Best!

I just had to add an area of the website for world soccer.

I mean, really, what is a soccer website without information for worldwide fans? 

Exactly. A shockingly shallow site. (try saying that fast!)

Below is my portal into the world soccer section. Each country listed will have its own webpage with information, links, and resources for fans.

No link = no webpage yet.

If you have a favorite country to add to the list, let me know and I’ll get it added as soon as I can.

The FIFA rankings are also listed on this page. You can either scroll down or jump directly to the numbers.


NOTE: Other than my country, the list is in no particular order.

Move your country to the top of the list!   Vote for your favorite team.

After I get enough votes, I will rearrange the list according to the votes cast.

FIFA World Rankings

For FIFA rankings visit

World Soccer Gear, Anyone?

One of the best places to look for national team soccer gear is on Amazon!

So that you can see what eBay has to offer, I have put below current search results for "world soccer".

World Soccer

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