Soccer Skills Drills
Fancy Footwork for FREE

Soccer skills drills are designed to work on fundamental foot skills. Below are the best free resources I could find to help you as a coach or parent teach these basic soccer skills.


Soccer Skills Video Clips

You don't get any better than this. has a ton of information on warm-up touches, turning fakes, fakes to beat an opponent, and more. Each move has a description as well as a movie clip demonstrating the move.

This is some great stuff that I wish I had access to when coaching my son's U10 teach. Here is the index page.

Juggling a Soccer Ball

One of the best ways to acquire foot skills with the ball is – you guessed it – juggling! Juggling a soccer ball is an individual skill that anyone can practice almost anywhere. Soccer moms tend to frown on indoor juggling though, trust me.

 Here are some good resources to get you started.

Other Soccer Skills Drills

Have you developed your own soccer drills and games that work well? Want to recommend some of your favorite free youth soccer drills?  Use this quick and easy online form and I’ll publish them for you with proper credit!

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