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Soccer Jerseys

Kids LOVE soccer jerseys.

Well, ok. I'm assuming my sons aren't abnormal or weird. I admit that it ispossible that the Gardner genes are responsible.

Of course if your kid(s) didn't like soccer or jerseys you wouldn't be here, would you? 

I have subdivided the jersey page into three categories:

Soccer Replica Jerseys

MLS Jerseys

Regular Jerseys

Soccer Replica Jerseys

Soccer replica jerseys are hands down the best possible jerseys to own. They look awesome and I have developed a page specifically for buying soccer replica jerseys.

MLS Soccer Jerseys

It's true. Some people might argue that MLS jerseys are the best ones to own. Who am I to argue? There are some great deals on MLS jerseysright now.

Check out my guide for buying MLS soccer jerseys to get the scoop.

Regular Soccer Jerseys

My definition of regular jerseys is - all other soccer shirts that do not have a team name on the jersey. Obviously the National Teams and other professional teams will fall under the replica jersey category or the MLS jerseys category.

These will be the lowest cost soccer shirts you can buy and some of them look really nice!

Buying Guide

What Size Should I Buy?

Well, you want to go big so your child can wear the jersey for more than 6 months.

Also keep in mind that soccer shirts are normally 100% polyester so they don't shrink.

Below is a chest size chart for general use or you can look at theseonline size charts from The Sports Authority.

Size Chest(inches)
Youth S (8) 26-28
Youth M (10-12) 30-32
Youth L (14-16) 34-36
Youth XL (18-20) 38-40
Adult S 34-36
Adult M 38-40
Adult L 42-44
Adult XL 46-48

Where Can I Get the Best Deal?

Believe it or not, a great supplier for regular soccer shirts is

My sister and I both bought jerseys here for Christmas and my son is thrilled with them! I have provided a seach box below for your convenience.  Results for the search on "soccer jerseys" is already displayed.

Soccer Jerseys

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