The Complete Book of
Coaching Youth Soccer
by Simon Whitehead  

Review by Eric Blommer

OK, your kid really wanted to play soccer; sure they didn't have a coach; but why, oh why did you say you would coach? You and hundreds of "volunteers" across the country are now asking themselves what are they going to do. Start by getting this book. This book contains the essence of everything you need to know to have a successful season. If you are truly desperate, the final appendix contains 10 week practice plans for the age groups: 7-10, 11-14 and 15-19. Pick the right one and go for it. Hopefully, though, the book will get you excited enough and confident enough to want to really learn all the material in the book. You too, can and should, get on the field and try the exercises in this book. They really are simple enough that a fat, forty year old can learn them and have fun in the process. I sure did. This book is not as deep as Hargreaves' book philosophically, but it contains all the practical material you need. 

Other Details

Paperback: 144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.42 x 10.93 x 8.47 

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books; (April 1991) 

ISBN: 0809240726 

Table of contents

  • Aims, Objectives and Teaching Hints 
  • Organizational Tips 
  • Juggling and Warm-Ups 
  • Passing and Control 
  • Ball Handling: Dribbling
  • Heading 
  • Shooting and Volleying 
  • Goalkeeping 
  • Ball Winning and Defense
  • Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, Corners, and Free Kicks 
  • Game Drills and Positional Play 
  • Team Formations
  • Summing Up 
  • Appendix I: Basic Laws of Soccer
  • Appendix II: Successful Soccer 
  • Appendix III: Ten-Week Season Plans

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