David Beckham In America

I don't think he is quite comfortable in America yet but he has not been here long. I think he is an amazing footballer and will contribute to the MLS league. Lots of people think he is just some guy who thinks he is amazing. But he is not really like that. He is a great footballer and loves the game and what he does and anyone who really knows the game can see that. If he were not a good footballer he would not be captaining LA or playing on the MLS All Star team or have been asked to captain USA or England for the FIFA. He is getting older but he knows that. Even know he is still a great footballer and even better when he was younger. If he were not a good footballer he would not have been signed to Man Unt. at the age of 14. So yes I think David Beckham is an amazing contribution to the US and MLS League and anyone who thinks he is nothing special has no respect for the game of football and no knowledge of the game.

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