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Soccer Drills
For Kids U10 and Above

If you need more than just soccer drills, such as entire soccer practice plans, you should go to the Soccer Practice Page.

Also, if you are just starting out as a “volunteer” youth soccer coach I highly recommend you go to the NEW Soccer Coach Page before you look at the drills.

You will find that many of these soccer drill links are from the NASL soccer drill website. You should send their webmaster, Ken Gamble, a note of thanks. He does a great job.

Here are my personal favorite soccer drill resources incorporated into 8 weeks of soccer practice plans:

Another one high on my list is Practice Plans from Soccer-Coach-L.

Individual Soccer Drills

I have gone through many soccer drill pages to find ones that are specifically suited for youth soccer in the U-10 and above range. Enjoy. (If you don’t have it, you can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE.)

Coaching the younger kids? Here are free soccer drills for U10 and above.

Have you developed your own soccer drills and games that work well? Want to recommend some of your favorite free youth soccer drills? Use this quick and easy online form and I’ll publish them for you with proper credit!

Other Soccer Drill Resources

By far the best soccer drill book I have seen for youth soccer is Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team.

Read my review and form your own opinion.

Even better, you can be learning new drills to use in minutes because the book is available as a download!

Get new drills for tonight's practice!

In case you hadn’t noticed, also has many good soccer drill books. Please read my review pages on recommended soccer drill books before purchasing any.

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