Modified Give & Go for U8

by Randy Gardner 
(Kingsport, TN)

I like to use this simple drill for pregame warmup but it's also good for working on fundamentals during practice.


There are 3 positions for the drill - throw-in, receiver, and defender.

Have one player as a defender of the goal. Their primary job is to quickly come out and put pressure on the ball. Secondary job is to take the ball away or clear it.

The receiver - you guessed it - "receives" the ball from the throw-in. For game warm-up I will play the receiver position but kids can be rotated through it during practice.

The throw-in position does just what it sounds like - throws the ball to the receiver and immediately runs into the field to receive a pass from the receiver and tries to score on goal. I like to have the throw-in start around mid-field.


1. Work on proper throw-in technique. Emphasize throwing down the line and at the feet, not throwing into the center of the field at this age.

2. Stress the importance of the throw-in person getting into the field quickly and moving towards the center of the field to get the pass from the receiver, at least on this drill. 

3. Receiver should work on trapping the ball and on quick passes that lead the other player.

4. Rotate defenders every 2-3 minutes.

Give it a try. The key is to keep things moving and rotating so the kids don't stand around. This is supposed to be a warm-up, right?

I don't like lines. If you have more than 6 kids, consider two stations for the drill, one on each side of the field. Also, be sure to switch sides of the field.

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