Pass and go

by shakiru balogun

Description: Two teams (of 7 players or less) play a small-sided game with no goalkeepers. Each time a player completes a pass, he must sprint to his own goal line. Until the player has finished his sprint, he is not allowed to interfere with the game.

Explanation: The main idea of this drill is to teach players that they must move right after completing a pass. It helps their fitness while instilling in their mind the importance of off-ball movement. The coach must encourage verbally his players to sprint immediately after they make a pass. Notice that the drill can be inverted: instead of sprinting towards their own goal line, players can sprint towards their enemy's goal line. Task: two small-sided teams play against each other; every time a player completes a pass, he must sprint back to his own goal line

Purpose: improves muscle endurance, encourages off-ball movement

Complexity: average

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