Sharks, Minnows and a Goal (U-5 soccer game)

by Dave

The kids love sharks and minnows, but it bears little to no resemblance to a soccer game. I modified it to be more soccer like, as follows:

1. Make a 25x20 yard field with a goal at each end and a center line.
2. The kids (minnows) line up along the touch line at one end of the field.
3. One "shark" (usually starting out as the coach), holding a cone on his head for a shark fin, tries to stop the minnows from getting past the center stripe by kicking their balls out of bounds. Shark can't go past the center stripe.
4. Minnows who are caught before getting to the center stripe become sharks and put a cone on their head (The cone is really key. It's fun for 5 year olds to have a cone on their head, so they don't pout when they get caught.)
5. Once a minnow progresses past the center stripe, he is free to shoot on the opposing goal. Doesn't matter whether he scores or not.
6. Repeat going the other direction and shooting on the other goal.

Adding the goal into the equation helps get the kids used to progressing from one end of the field to the other and to shooting. It takes the game to another level.

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Nov 04, 2016
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