Slime Soccer Rules!

Want to get slimey? Give slime soccer a try. For some reason this is the most popular game on my website. Enjoy! 

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Keys for Slime Soccer: 
Player 1: Left - A, Jump - W, Right - D, Grab - S. 
Player 2: Left - J, Jump - I, Right - L, Grab - K. 
'B' to toggle double-buffering (makes it slower but not flickery).

Title Screen: 
Click a button to decide game length, or choose World Cup Mode 
S/K to change identity to your favourite World Cup side. 
6 to toggle superslimeness.

Other FREE Online Soccer Games

For a complete listing of free soccer games that I have found online, go to my Online Soccer Games Page.

Here are a few of my favorites.

The free online soccer game Goal Wall Shooting 3D is hosted on our website.  It is another flash-type shooting game in 3D with scoring based on time and shots made.

Power Soccer - Claiming to be the world's best online 3D soccer game,  I have to say the preview graphics are quite impressive.  Looks like it has a free mode or you can pay for more advanced features, similar to many mobile apps these days.

Mardi Gras SHOOTOUT Online Soccer Game – This game is just what it sounds like – a shootout. You get to alternate between taking the penalty kick and being the goalkeeper. Another good one.

Phone Soccer Apps

For those of you looking for a phone soccer app or a cheap solution when buying a soccer game, don't forget to always check  They have several free games for Android phones.  Here is a link for free Android soccer games at Amazon.  Soon I'll have a separate page for soccer apps for the iphone and Android devices.

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