Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is an essential part of any team's success - and that's why we're proud partners with Access simple and effective fundraising solutions for all the things you need to keep on winning at The Soccer for Parents fundraising store!

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scratchcards fundraiser custom tee shirts fundraiser
Our most popular fundraiser, earning 90% profit. Supporters scratch off one or more dots and donate the amount(s) uncovered in exchange for valuable coupons. Personalize them with your name, photo or logo at no extra cost. >>

Choose high quality tees printed with your team logo to increase exposure for your team while also bolstering team spirit! >>
custom sports apparel fundraiser online fundraiser
In partnership with Sportdecals, is proud to offer high quality, performance wear, playoff tees, custom decals, uniforms, jerseys, spirit items, equipment and so much more! >>

Customize your own fundraising webpage quickly and easily and give your supporters 24/7 access to an online magazine store! Personalize it with team colors, photos and more and earn up to 40% profit with each purchase that’s made. >>

beef jerky fundraiser gift cards fundraiser
This fundraiser is high in protein and high on profit. Jack Link's beef snacks and jerky come in a variety of flavors and are a healthy fundraising option! >>

Everybody loves dining out, so offer supporters huge savings at thousands of their favorite restaurants nationwide: they’ll pay just $20 for a $100 card! >>
ultimate gift card fundraiser  chocolate fundraiser
This $20 Gift Card can be redeemed for 650+ items, like popular magazines, cookie dough, jewelry, eCodes and more! >>

Who can resist chocolate? Offer brand name candy bars, like Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, 100 Grand and more, from Nestle, Kathryn Beich and Hershey’s. >>
cookie dough & frozen foods fundraiser national savings card fundraiser
There’s something for everyone when you fundraise with gourmet frozen foods and frozen cookie dough. Offer popular and exclusive cookie dough flavors, like Tasty Batters and Tasty Ideas. >>

Offering access to dining, shopping, and movie discounts of up to 50% at 150,000+ retailers, this card can be combined with the My Deals Phone App. >>
pretzel Rods fundraiser lollipops fundraiser
Salted, crispy pretzels dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in assorted decadent candy chunks. >>

Everyone loves their vibrant colors and wild, gourmet flavors. Offer a huge variety including, Hot Pops, Crème de la Crème, Color Xploders, and more. >>


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