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Build your own soccer goals

In case you didn't know it by now, I'll let you in on a little secret.

I am cheap.

 Yes, it's shocking but true. My motto is: cheap is good but cheaper is better.

So when I decided to build my son a soccer goal I was quite appalled to not find ANY free goal plans.

Therefore, I designed my own. It isn't rocket science after all.

The main consideration is to make sure you build the frame to match a soccer net size you can buy.

I am trying to format my plans into a pdf file and they should be online very soon. Members of the newsletter list will be notified when they are online. SIGNUP NOW!

If you have your own plans for a goal and want to share them, please let me know. I will gladly post them on this website.

Buy Your Own Soccer Goal

For me, my budget determined the size goal I purchased. We have a 6' x 12' goal and WE LOVE IT!  Our goal looks very similar to the one below except we paid more for our's.  Yes, sad but true.  Click the soccer goal for more details.

 For others, the size of their yard will probably dictate the size of their goal.

Here is my guideline for buying a goal:

Buy the BIGGEST soccer goal you can afford that works in your yard.

Naturally this guideline applies to building a goal as well.

Why do I say this?

First, for practice as a goalkeeper it obviously helps to have a larger goal. It also helps to have a goal with some height so that your child can practice kicking the ball into the air without having to chase it all over the place.

Also, if you want your child to work on accuracy you can set up cones or some other target inside the goal.

Consider portability before buying. My 6' x 12' goal can be easily taken apart and moved (even put in the trunk) but not all can, and even not all of the smaller PVC goals are easily taken apart.


Where to buy?

I have found that The Sports Authority is very competitive in selection and price with Eurosport's website. I have provided links to both of them below.

Shop for soccer goals!

Click Here for Goals at!

Another great place to look for goals is on Amazon!

I have provided a search box below with "soccer goal" already filled in. Just click the Search button to see the current listings.

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