Finding Soccer on TV

Finding soccer on tv can sometimes be challenging.

At least it is for me. Even the MLS games aren't televised much. Therefore when I miss an opportunity to watch a good soccer game on tv it really burns me up.

After missing one particularly good match that the US National Team was playing, I finally decided to quit sitting around in hopes that a soccer viewing schedule would appear before my eyes.

I have found that when it comes to soccer on tv, there are a few excellent resources. has a comprehensive listing for most professional soccer leagues around the globe.  You can select the day and sort by league or by start time.  Check out this great website!


Soccer America regularly updates an area of their website with listings of soccer on tv for the next day or two.

First Touch

First Touch is a New York-based site with US-only television listings.  They also offer an iphone app with a soccer bar locator.  Here is their tv listing page for soccer matches.


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