A Buying Guide for
Soccer Replica Jerseys

Soccer replica jerseys are a favorite of most kids.

The big downside is that they are a little expensive. Actually, they can be really expensive.

Don’t give up, though.  Hopefully the information below will help you get the best possible deal on a replica jersey from places such as Amazon.com.

What Size Should I Buy?

Well, you want to go big so your child can wear the jersey for more than 6 months.

Also keep in mind that replica jerseys are normally 100% polyester so they don’t shrink.

Below is a chest size chart for general use or you can look at these online size charts from The Sports Authority.

Size Chest(inches)
Youth S (8) 26-28
Youth M (10-12) 30-32
Youth L (14-16) 34-36
Youth XL (18-20) 38-40
Adult S 34-36
Adult M 38-40
Adult L 42-44
Adult XL 46-48

Do I Really Want Soccer Replica Jerseys?

One option you have is to buy a regular soccer jersey and not a soccer replica jersey at all. There are some nice soccer jerseys you can get for under $20.

Here is a regular soccer jersey buying guide.

Another option I would consider if you are from the United States is to buy an MLS soccer jersey. These soccer jerseys are generally less expensive than the replica jerseys for the national teams.

Here is a buying guide for MLS soccer jerseys.

Where Can I Get the Best Deal?

As I said before, all authentic soccer jerseys are going to cost about the same amount. The key then becomes to find clearance items, sales of overstock items or maybe last year's design at a reduced price.

Won't this take a lot of time?--NO!

#1 Idea - Use Amazon.com

 I have provided a seach box below for your convenience.  Results for the search on "youth soccer replica jersey" is already displayed below.

#2 Idea - Try SOCCER.COM

The soccer superstore, Soccer.com, has replica jerseys from previous years (while supplies last, of course) at reduced prices and also has some incredible prices on soccer jerseys that are not quite authentic. By that I mean these shirts are called rec. jerseys or sometimes training jerseys. They are a little lighter shirt without the exact color scheme and detail. I have to tell you, though, that these soccer jerseys still look great and make a great compromise for the money.

The price difference? It can be as much as $20-$25.

#3 Idea - Check out the Clearance Sales! 

I have put together a webpage just for frugal parents wanting to find the best deals on soccer replica jerseys. This page has easy links to the clearance and sale areas of the best websites for not only soccer jerseys, but many other soccer items as well. 

Go to the soccer clearance page now.

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