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Soccer Shinguards - Are ALL Created Equal?

No. No way. Forget about it. Not even close.

What kind of shinguards should I buy?

Here are some pointers based on my experience.

The basic, cheap shinguards (about $6) with one velcro strap provide basic protection but are not great. I will say that they are adequate under many circumstances. (but I don't buy them anymore) Here is an example of one:

Nike Tiempo Park Shinguard

Do you want just adequate? After buying my oldest son better shinguards, I will never buy the cheap ones again. He has seen a tremendous difference and I spent a whole whopping $4 or so more. Here is a picture of them.

adidas Predator Club Shinguard - Bright Blue/Infrared/Collegiate Navy

Click on the picture for more information.

There are two major improvements on these shinguards versus the cheap ones.

First, the shinguard is held more securely by the combination of velcro strap and ankleguard. When he puts it on, the shinguard stays.

Second, these shinguards come with ankleguards or protectors. Look at the picture.

In the younger ages the kids scuffle all the time so I highly recommend soccer shinguards that also supply ankle protection or buy the ankleguards separately. Here are some other brands and looks for this style. Click on the picture for more info on the website.

adidas F50 Replique Shinguard - High Energy/Electricity/Black Nike Youth Shield Shinguard - White/Blue

There is another style for younger players that may appeal to parents.

I fondly call it the
"shinguard-ankleguard-all-in-one sock"

Sweet and simple. The shinguard & ankleguard are both sewn into a thin, nylon sock. Put the sock on and away you go!

Perfect for a 5-year old!

I have finally found them online at They are not currently carried by  Here they are.

Older soccer players

As your child "evolves" in their soccer journey there will come a point when they will prefer the easy shinguards that simply slip into the sock.  Most of them come with a sleeve that goes on the leg under the sock.  With this type of shinguard they can lace up and even warm-up without having their shinguards on and then easily slip them in before the game starts. 

Do they provide as much protection?  Not possible. 

Are they adequate?  According to most high school, college, and professional players the answer is yes. 

Sometimes these shinguards have a tendency to slip down the leg so there is also a cheap product called a guard stay that many players will use as well.  Click on the pictures below for more info on the website.  The second picture is for the straps.

Nike J Guard Shinguard adidas Shin Guard Straps White

Shopping for  Shinguards?

I browsed through several online stores and once again my recommendation is the following:

Another great place to look for soccer shin guards is on Amazon!

So that you can see what Amazon has to offer, I have put below current search results for "soccer shinguard".

› Soccer Shinguards

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