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Soccer-for-Parents is thrilled to present this six-part series of  soccer training videos.

Called "Soccer Training at Home", the technical content of this series was developed by 

Michael Louter, former professional player in the Netherlands and current director of coaching for U15-18 at FC Dallas Tri soccer club.

Video shooting and production was done by yours truly and my son Daniel assisted by being the male player in the videos.  Please leave feedback if you like the series.  I have also made this set of soccer training videos a convenient playlist on Youtube.

The purpose of these soccer training videos called 'Soccer Training at Home' is five-fold:

  1. Understanding that soccer skill development is only accomplished by the player practicing with the ball at home.
  2. Expectation that the self-pronounced serious soccer player will practice at home a minimum of 10 minutes a day on passing, receiving, dribbling, and moves.
  3. How to self-train in soccer is empowered by the attitudes of positivity, being critical, dedication, and setting goals.
  4. The motive of seeking to become a better player is always founded in have FUN! False motives (ie. status in community) leads to burn-out.
  5. Improving the general mechanics of passing, receiving, dribbling, and moves.

And now, onto the show ...

Part 1 - 1 v 1 Training

This part provides ideas and instructions for 4 different kinds of 1 v 1  soccer training at home, in the back yard, or any small space.

Part 2 - Passing

Part 2 provides ideas and instructions for passing practice at home and also details the technical points to a perfect soccer pass.

Part 3 - Receiving/Settling

This part provides ideas and instructions for receiving and settling a soccer ball.  The first half of the video covers controlling the ball out of the air with the feet, chest, thigh, and head.  The second half describes and demonstrates various moves to redirect the soccer ball when receiving it.

Part 4.1 - Dribbling & Attacking Moves

This part demonstrates some basic dribbling drills that can be practiced at home and then demonstrates 3 basic attacking moves that can be developed and mastered in your backyard - scissors, body fake, and cut-catch.

Part 4.2 - Dribbling & Moves to Maintain Possession

This part demonstrates 4 fundamental moves for maintaining possession that every soccer player should know and master - pull back, inside cut, outside cut, and Cruyff.

Part 5 - Comprehensive Functional Technical Training

This final part shows how to put everything together from Parts 1 - 4 for a fun, soccer exercise that can be done at home.

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