Coaching Youth Soccer
A Baffled Parent's Guide
by Bobby Clark

Editorial Review
Book Description

Written by soccer great and championship Stanford coach Bobby Clark, COACHING YOUTH SOCCER: THE BAFFLED PARENT'S GUIDE tells you how, starting at point zero, an uninitiated coach can meld kids into a team and help them enjoy one of the most rewarding experiences of their youth. (In the end, you may be the one who reaps the biggest reward, as you watch kids learn and grow in an experience they'll treasure for a lifetime.)

Customer Reviews

Recruited to help out with our town's first year in soccer, I ended up coaching the 1st & 2nd grade team. I knew nothing about soccer and this book helped me learn enough to keep ahead of that age level and give them fun drills to do each practice. I really liked how it was geared to the beginning coach and the younger player age levels.

I had seen this book on the shelf at B/N several times, but never pulled it off the shelf, as I am not a 'Baffled Parent', but coach H.S., premier, travel soccer. I attended a clinic given by Coach Clarke, and a fellow coach showed me the book. Inside are GREAT games for kids to enjoy! This is what you're looking for, whether you're a first time coach, or a coach who wants to loosen up practice for the more serious players.

On the back cover it states, 'Be the coach you wanted to play for'. Well here it is. Kids LOVE the games and they'll be showing up to practice running and smiling!

5*'s aren't high enough. Also recommend the second book by Tom Fleck and Ron Quinn

I was drafted to coach my daughter's soccer team (1st and 2nd grade), this book has been invaluable. I played soccer in high school, thus I knew the traditional drills. I was completely unaware of all the fun games that could be used to team the sport. This is the only book you need to plan fun practices. The 6 and 7 year old kids do not get the full benefit of some of the games because they are just learning to play soccer, after all some still don't know right from left. The practice plans work very well, keeps them fun, and the kids do learn. Highly recommended.

Other Details

Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.41 x 9.20 x 7.42 
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press; (July 19, 1999)
ISBN: 0071346082

Table of contents

  • Creating an Atmosphere of Good Habits 
  • Before Hitting the Field: Soccer in a Nutshell
  • Setting Up the Season
  • Essential Skills – and How to Teach Them
  • The Practice
  • Sample Practices
  • Game Time
  • Dealing with Parents and Gender Issues
  • Games and Drills

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