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Below is a list of recommended soccer videos for skills improvementfor parents, and for coaches.

Of course, often the two roles are one and the same person.  There is a lot of overlap so keep in mind that nearly all videos are usefull for both the parent, coach, and player.

This list of soccer videos is focused specifically on the basics of soccer for the early youth soccer player. Most of these videos deal with ball handling, control, and managing a youth soccer practice for the most part. There are many more advanced videos on the market that I have not listed.

Also, I have a separate page for other soccer videos your child will like (or any soccer fan for that matter). Check it out.

I have recently also made a separate page for my soccer training videos (starring my son!).

For recommended soccer books and book reviews GO HERE.

If a review is available, there will be a link to the right of the title. If you have a review of a particular video, please share it. I will gladly post it on the website. Also, if you have any recommended videos that don’t show up on this page let me know.

Soccer Videos for Skills

All the Right Moves - to get past your opponent - A collection of different moves that will leave your opponent standing. Each move is carefully detailed and shown at match speed and in slow motion. What appears to be complex is made easy for players of all ages and abilities.

Super Soccer Skills - This unique, proven teaching method allows the player to actually practice along with the video infront of the TV, much like an aerobic video. By learning the "motor skills" necessary to do the skill first, the player masters the essential skills before going outside to take them to game speed.

Soccer Secrets with Mia Hamm, DVD complete set - GREAT FOR PARENTS TOO!

Beginner Tape: -45min. In this fun, educational video, Mia, Tiffeny, Lorrie and Wendy take you through all the basic aspects of the game. They teach the fundamentals needed to form a solid foundation and improve your playing skills. They also let you in on their secret game strategies, drills and hear funny and inspirational stories about how they got started as young soccer players. 

Intermediate tape: -45 min In tape two, World Renowned Soccer Stars Mia Hamm, Tiffeny Milbrett, Lorrie Fair and Wendy Gebauer let you in on more advanced secret techniques and philosophies that have made them champions both on and off the field. Learn the winning skills and drills to become competitive in the game! These modern-day masters will teach you how to shoot with pin-point accuracy, maintain extraordinary ball control, execute advanced passing skills and how to develop the mental part of your game so that you can lead your team through a critical drive...and into a championship game. This video is an instructional and motivational tool that covers all aspects of the game.

Advanced tape: -45 min Considered two of the greatest soccer players in history, MIA HAMM and TIFFENY MILBRETT share the secrets of their explosive soccer styles and blazing speeds. Join MIA, TIFFENY and WENDY GEBAUER as they demonstrate the advanced techniques that made them the sport's most feared, and revered, super stars. Learn the crucial elements of this intense mental game, the ability to stop your opponents in their tracks and position yourself for that crucial goal. Whether you're aiming for the big leagues or just want to improve your game, Mia, Tiffeny and Wendy take you through all aspects of the game, and reveal how they made it to the record books

The Mia Hamm soccer videos are getting great reviews!

Soccer Videos for Parents

Soccer Success - One on One Coaching for Parent & Player - Over 100 excellent drills and ideas to use with your child or team to improve their techniques and soccer skills by New Zealand's Director of Coaching, Roger Wilkinson. 2+ hours in length. Skills Covered include: Receiving and Controlling the ball, Dribbling, Turning, Volleying, Heading, Passing and Shooting.

Soccer for Kids- Getting Started – Here is a review that was posted: ”Actually, checked this out from the library several years ago. My daughter who has turned into a reasonably good soccer player (not necessarily thanks to this video, but...) really liked this video at the age of 7-8 years and actually remembers it. It is a basic resource that will hold their attention and can be the basis for a conversation on what they should be doing on the field. It is not comprehensive, but a good start for young kids in playing fundementals.”

The Fundamentals of Soccer with Stinky Shoe & Coach LaRoo DVD - Here is a review that was posted: ” This production brings it all home; rules, methods of playing and the importance of teamwork. The use of animated characters keeps the kids interested and the coaching fits right in. My kids really liked watching people like themselves learning for the first time. It just made the first trip to the practice a lot better than it could have been. I learned a lot about the rules of the game, so it has helped me to answer questions that my kids ask. There's nothing else like it available and I really recommend it.

Soccer Videos for Coaches

Everything You Need to Know – to Coach Soccer - Here is a review that was posted: ” I was pressed into service as my son's recreational league soccer coach even though I knew very little about the game. I grabbed a few books from the library which were somewhat helpful but I needed to see the skills and drills demonstrated on video. This program was great.My first season went extremely well. I have a card on my desk from the team saying how much they loved playing and learning soccer. Get the tape!”

Coaching Youth Soccer - The Coaching Youth Soccer Video shows you how to teach the 20 most popular and important soccer techniques and tactics. Step-by-step instructions and clear demonstrations help you transfer what you learn to the practice field. Produced by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), the Coaching Youth Soccer Videos provide excellent instruction for the beginning coach.

How to Coach Very Young Soccer Players - The ideal soccer videos for any first time parent/coach of very young soccer players. On-the-field practice sessions clearly explain and demonstrate how the parent/coach can teach basic soccer skills in a "learn and have fun" system. 

Soccer Videos from

Here is a short list of soccer videos that I could only find at Go to the soccer videos store to look these over.

Coaching 6-10 Year Olds
Coaching 9-14 Year Olds – Tactical Skills
Let The Game Be The Teacher
Soccer Games: Tape 1 – Ages 5 to 9
Soccer Skills for Beginner Coaches & Player
Youth Soccer Drills and Small Sided Games

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