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Below is a short summary of world cup soccer history.

There are two main areas – Past Winners and World Cup Soccer History.

Past Winners of the World Cup

1930Uruguay UruguayUruguay 4-2 Argentina
1934Italy ItalyItaly 2-1 Czechoslovakia
1938France ItalyItaly 4-2 Hungary
1950Brazil UruguayUruguay 2-1 Brazil
1954Switzerland GermanyGermany 3-2 Hungary
1958Sweden BrazilBrazil 5-2 Sweden
1962Chile BrazilBrazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia
1966England EnglandEngland 4-2 Germany
1970Mexico BrazilBrazil 4-1 Italy
1974Germany GermanyGermany 2-1 Holland
1978Argentina ArgentinaArgentina 3-1 Holland
1982Spain ItalyItaly 3-1 Germany
1986Mexico ArgentinaArgentina 3-2 Germany
1990Italy GermanyGermany 1-0 Argentina
1994US BrazilBrazil 3-2 Italy
1998France FranceFrance 3-0 Brazil
2002Japan/S. Korea BrazilBrazil 2-0 Germany
2006Germany ItalyItaly 1-1(5:3) France
2010South Africa SpainSpain 1-0 Netherlands

World Cup Soccer History - Beginnings

The idea for a World Cup Soccer Championship was developed by the president of FIFA at the time, Jules Rimet. Planning for the first event began in 1926 with the idea to have the World Cup “in between” the Olympics. This original concept doesn’t work as well now with the staggered hosting of the Winter and Summer Olympics but nonetheless it was a good idea.

With the help of other officials, Rimet organized the first event for 1930. The first world cup was the only event to not include the modern qualifying rounds. The European teams involved were France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Many other European teams were dissatisfied with the location and refused to travel the distance to Uruguay.

There were a total of 13 teams in the first world cup. The remaining countries besides the host Uruguay were Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, and the United States.

The first world cup soccer match kicked off on July 13th, 1930 with France beating Mexico 4 to 1, thus beginning a long, rich history of world cup action.

The original FIFA World Cup Trophy was named the Jules Rimet Cup after its president and main World Cup organizer.

For more world cup soccer history see the FIFA World Cup website.

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