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The USA National Teams

Be A USA Soccer Fan!

Fan Information

  • Join Sam's Army! This is a growing group of fans that support the national teams with an unsurpassed vigor. The website also has tickets and other information about upcoming matches.
  • Become a member of the American Outlaws. The mission of the American Outlaws is to support the United States National Soccer Team through a unified and dedicated group of supports.  UNITE & STRENGTHEN

Social Media

Soccer Apparel, Jerseys, etc.

One of the best places to look for USA national team soccer gear is on Amazon!

You can see current search results for "usa soccer" below.

Other great places for USA replica soccer apparel include:

  • My Soccer Replica Jersey Page - Resources and recommendations for finding replica jerseys at the best possible price.

  • The soccer superstore, probably has the best selection of soccer apparel.
Team USA
English Premier League Jerseys – Available at!


You can do a quick search on the website below.

Search For Posters!


Find USA wallpaper and other wallpaper resources on my soccer wallpaper page.


Once again, the work is already done for you. Go to my soccer screensaver page.

USA Professional Soccer

The men's professional soccer league in the United States is called Major League Soccer, or MLS for short. The main website for MLS is

There is currently no official "minor league" for MLS but there are a few other tier 2, 3, and 4 leagues around the country and there are talks about a more formal relationship between these lower leagues and MLS.  The other leagues are:

  • NASL - North American Soccer league,  second division
  • USL Pro - United Soccer League,  third division
  • PDL - Premier Development League, part of USL, fourth division

Well, the United States had a professional women's soccer league for a while called the WUSA. They are currently reorganizing and planning a restart in 2013.

You can also grab some neat MLS clipart here.

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