Italian Soccer

World Cup Champions, 2006!

Below are resources, links, and suggestions for supporting Italian soccer.

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The Italian National Soccer Team

Be A Fan of Italian Soccer!

There are several good fan sites for Italy.

  • Forza Azzurri - A comprehensive site on all that has to do with the Azzurri. You find everything, from world cup participation, history, friendly games and statistics to games, merchandise, downloads and surveys.
  • Solo Calcio - A good site for images and statistical archives on the Italian National team. It has an up to date Italian soccer news section.

Soccer Apparel, Jerseys, etc.

One of the best places to look for Italian National Team soccer gear is on Amazon!

You can see current search results for "Italian soccer" below.

Other great places for Italian replica soccer apparel include:


You can do a quick search on the website below.

Search For Posters!


Find soccer wallpaper resources for Italy on my soccer wallpaper page.


Once again, the work is already done for you. Go to my soccer screensaver page.

Italian Professional Leagues

Official site of the Italian national football league, responsible for Serie A, Serie B and the Italian Cup is Lega Nazionale Professionisti.

There are a several other good websites with information on the professional soccer teams of Italy.

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