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A good soccer video or game can really spark a kid’s interest in learning the game.

 It is also a fun learning and motivational tool to see some of the best players making incredible shots or saves.

Ok, I confess. As a parent I probably enjoy a good sports video as much as my kids, but that’s just a little perk of being a parent.

This soccer video list is comprised of a mixture of topics including “best of”, World Cup, USA soccer, and a few fun soccer learning videos. There are many more videos on the market that I have not listed. You can find them in's video department .

Also, I have a separate soccer video page for parents and coaches . Check it out for more ideas.

If a review is available, there will be a link to the right of the title. If you have a review of a particular video, please share it. I will gladly post it on the website. Also, if you have a soccer video to recommend that doesn’t show up on this page let me know.

Also, I have a separate page for other soccer videos your child will like (or any soccer fan for that matter). Check it out.

I have recently also made a separate page for my soccer training videos (starring my son!).

For recommended soccer books and book reviews GO HERE.

If a review is available, there will be a link to the right of the title. If you have a review of a particular video, please share it. I will gladly post it on the website. Also, if you have any recommended videos that don’t show up on this page let me know.

"Best Of"

Premier League Greatest Goals 3 DVD Box Set

Witness over 1,000 spectacular goals from the worlds greatest players and teams. Simply stunning magic from Drogba, Ronaldo, Henry, Gerrard, Rooney, Beckham, Bergkamp, Cantona, Wright, Shearer & more. Re-live the greatest goals from Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Newcastle, Spurs & all the rest.

Worlds Greatest Goals

"The World's Greatest Goals" brings you the highlights of the "Golden Age" - The World Cups from 1966-1986. The Saves, The Fouls, The Unique atmosphere and... The Goals... Compiled from the Official Films of The World Cup. Contains the FIFA 'Goal of the Century' This program is produced by the Makers of the Best Selling World Cup Films "Gole" and "Hero"

World Cup

FIFA World Cup DVD Collection: 1930 -2006

15 DVDs featuring 24 hours of World Cup history
15 bonus documentaries highlighting the careers of the world's best players
Highlights from every World Cup final, from 1930-2006
Events leading up to the very first World Cup Historical footage from every tournament

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: The Highlights

010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM brought together the greatest teams and players from around the globe for a full month of sheer sporting delight. The usual giants were there: Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Argentina, England, Holland and defending champion Italy, as were a number of teams looking to enter the ranks of the great world sides: Portugal, Uruguay, Chile, USA, Japan and others. Perhaps the most intriguing question though, was how would host country South Africa and the other teams from the African continent fare in the first World Cup on African soil? This DVD takes you match by match through the tournament, letting you relive all the highlights and drama that make this competition the most popular sporting event in the world.

Fun Stuff

Premier League Own Goals & Gaffs III Soccer DVD

Own Goals & Gaffs III: Hits & Misses DVD is the definitive collection of soccer bloopers, mishaps & mayhem from The Premier League. Even in the dynamic and highly-paid world of English soccers elite division, things can and will go very wrong. Here, in all their glory, are the beautifully executed own goals and appalling misses that are a part of the game at every level. Alongside the own goals & gaffs on the pitch are a compilation of out-takes and observations based on the managers, officials & fans. A comprehensive review of the antics by the men on the sidelines and the demented celebrations of the game s most committed fans & equally crazed team mascots. Fashion trends are not overlooked either, from the mullet to the worst uniforms and the worst post goal celebration routines we cover it all in this original and outstanding look at the lighter side of the beautiful game.

Soccer Tricks

Review from parent!...This is a stage by stage learning program for each trick and move. It has a fast shot ;a slow shot with graphics; another slow shot and then fast shot again. It has been designed using the visual learning technique which has been proven as the best way to learn these tricks. "Tell me and I will listen, show me and I will learn" This is an amazing learning tool for people interested in developing new tricks. The kids seem to love doing tricks and this stage by stage process really works. They learn by watching!! Don't they learn everything that way..think about it! This has my kid out in the yard practicing! Don't waste your money on the more expensive DVD's, this did the job for us!

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